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The Importance of PJ Sundays

I was talking with a client recently about how important it is to make time for ourselves.  So many people are very giving which is lovely but when it is in detriment to ourselves it actually does not help anyone.  We become tired, burnt out and irritable and we, and everyone around us, suffers!   … Continued

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Following The ‘Right’ Path

I went for a beautiful hike in the mountains behind where we live in Spain.  It was a lovely spring day – even though it was only February the weather had a spring like feel to it.  The sun was shining and there were a few fluffy clouds in the blue sky. We had set off … Continued

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Life is too short

A while ago when I was in the UK I visited Angela, an old family friend, who I had not seen for over 25 years.  When I say old I mean it in two ways – one because she was a friend of my Mother’s and two because in years she is old – 99 … Continued

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