The Need to Overflow
20th April 2016

I was on retreat with a client recently and one of the conversations we had was about the common belief that many hold – that we must not put ourselves first. I can remember being told this as a child – it is selfish if you put yourself first, think of others before yourself and … Continued

A new criteria for living
22nd March 2016

I was talking with a client recently about embracing the Wake Up Call and what it means for our lives.  He had been telling me that when he looked back through his life it felt like a failure. That everything he had done was a mistake and that he had wasted the last 45 years. … Continued

Moving from a ‘should’ to a flow
8th March 2016

‘Shoulds’ have come to my attention twice today. One recipient of the Life Lessons wrote to say ‘So much of what you say makes perfect sense. Thanks for the reminder of the should/ought to’. Then I had a session with a client and we were discussing why she was procrastinating – doing everything except the … Continued

There’s a hermit in all of us – for good reason
17th February 2016

I have just returned from a retreat with a client up in the mountains. We had a wonderful, insightful and powerful two days and as we drove down the mountains back to the world she asked me if I often worked with people who felt stuck in every area of life, like she had. The … Continued

True transformation is never a quick fix
2nd February 2016

I was chatting with someone recently about the work I do and she said that she got the impression that my work was far reaching and I responded that she was absolutely right. True transformation is never the quick fix but often people come to me when they are feeling like they are in crisis … Continued

Just what makes a great relationship?
19th January 2016

I was talking with a client last week and she was telling me that she had met the love of her life and it all felt so right. It had been a while and we chatted about the work she had done to prepare herself for a great, healthy, fulfilling relationship and as Valentine’s Day … Continued

Let’s feel good this year!
5th January 2016

I love the New Year, there is something great about a shift of energy, a looking forward, a finishing off of the old and creating space for the new. I gave up New Year’s resolutions years ago. I realised that most came in the realm of the ‘shoulds’ or ‘ought tos’. “I should exercise more”, … Continued

The Wake Up Call
2nd January 2016

I was interviewed recently for an inspirational radio show and the topic we were discussing was change. One of the first questions I was asked was what was my personal wake up call that I had to change my life and how did I recognise it. This was such a great question as I remember … Continued

Happy Christmas!
22nd December 2015

Happy Christmas everyone.  And a wonderful New Year! I say in my message the best one you can imagine and that’s so important – if we can imagine it we can create it.  As Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination … Continued