Are you sad or just feeling vulnerable?

Yesterday I was feeling a bit sad and on exploring this feeling I realised that in fact I wasn’t sad – I was feeling vulnerable.

This was a good realisation as sadness can often lead to a low grade depression. Whereas vulnerability is something we can work with.

So I thought I’d create you a quick video exploring vulnerability and how in fact it can be a place of strength. I trust you will find this useful. Just click on the photo below.

And if I can help you at all at in these crazy times just do drop me a line.

What is your life showing you right now? Maybe this has resonated with you, or maybe you are wondering about things that are happening right now in your life.  If you feel you’d like some help deciphering your life’s journey then let’s have a chat.  You can email me or give me a call on +44 (0)751 891 4604