Keep on making plans
24th August 2020

I was speaking with a friend recently and she despondently told me of how she couldn’t make plans now as everything was so uncertain. I responded that in fact she had to make plans now and how important it was to do so. So today I thought I’d do a quick thought provoker in case … Continued

Are we there yet?
27th May 2020

Recognise this? Either in your own children or from your childhood – “are we there yet?” covers all generations. I can remember over 40 years ago pestering my parents from the back of the car on any trip longer than five minutes! And with the easing of restrictions it is beginning to feel little like … Continued

What’s your new normal?
24th April 2020

I came across this video and thought it was a lovely thought provoker so wanted to share it with you. Obviously if you are dealing personally with the virus yourself or your family or friends then maybe feeling grateful to it may be a very big stretch. And if that is the case then I … Continued

Managing the survival mind
17th April 2020

When we hit times of challenge or stress it is quite normal to switch into our survival mind. We’ve all heard of flight or flight or freeze and that is a symptom of it. Same for when we feel overwhelmed or pulled in four different directions, survival mind is where we often flip into. And … Continued

Staying in the eye of the storm
7th April 2020

For most of us we are three or even four weeks into the lock-down. The shock is beginning to lessen but now we are having to deal with the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. It is rather like living through a hurricane, we can either be at the mercy of the high … Continued

Time to Meditate!
1st April 2020

Meditation is one of the best tools I know for handling everyday stress and right now at this time it is even more important. I remember one of the Swamis in the ashram I lived in telling me that when things got busy he doubled his meditation because he knew just how important a practice … Continued

Creating Your Ten Year Vision
31st March 2020

How about using this time to look forward and create a ten year vision? The great thing is that it is so far out ahead of now – 2030! – that your mind can’t even try to work out how you can do this so you can think really big, dream big and shoot for … Continued

Handling Stress in Challenging Times
27th March 2020

Stress is a key factor of what we are living through right now. Maybe you are feeling stressed by having to work from home and feeling isolated, or that you have no work and feel fearful about the future. Or maybe you are working from home and three small (or even big!) kids to deal … Continued

That Sneaky Thing Called Fear
18th March 2020

Since Saturday I’ve been having a few conversation with people and some have been feeling anxious and fearful. Now if you’ve been touched personally by the virus then I send you much love and many blessings and hope that everything is well soon. But if everything is ok in your world and you are feeling … Continued