The Right Decision
14th March 2018

Over the last few months I’ve been speaking to people about making the RIGHT decision – and I tell everyone, there is no such thing as a RIGHT decision.  Trying to make a right decision makes everything so difficult and much harder to make that jump  – have a watch of the video below and … Continued

Happy Christmas!
20th December 2017

I wanted to say Happy Christmas and to wish you a really joyful New Year. 2017 has been a year of ups and downs for many people, a year where some have been asked to learn to dance on a shifting carpet.  Whatever the year has been for you I encourage you to take the … Continued

Where did the year go?
10th November 2017

So many people I have spoken to recently have where did the year go – then followed it by the statement “I was going to get so much done this year but it’s nearly over already!” I know how they feel, and maybe you do too. I had lots of plans to do some SEO … Continued

Perspective – what’s yours?
4th October 2017

How are you feeling today? If you are saying good, upbeat, inspired – that’s great. If not so good, that’s ok too, because on one level it’s a choice. Why? Because it is a matter of perspective.   So right now mark yourself out of 10. Where are you? 0 feeling crap; 10 can’t get any … Continued

(Trying) to follow the sun (heart)
3rd August 2017

Last week we were in Austria on holiday. It was beautiful – the scenery is breathtaking and we were in Hildegard – our new motorhome – and so it was a great adventure for us and Leoni our dog. We had been hiking up in the mountains for the first few days and discovering the … Continued

Live life to the full
6th June 2017

I wanted to write about how to live life to the full and then I received this email from Mark Attwood – totally on topic.  He is an SEO wizard and I highly recommend his book but this email was different and so I asked permission to pass it on. The key thing in this message for me … Continued

Can’t See The Woods For The Trees?
19th May 2017

In two of my coaching sessions last week I made a comment on a situation my clients were in and they both stopped and sighed – and said “That’s so obvious why didn’t I see that?” My reply? “Because you are too close to the situation.” You can’t see the woods for the trees. So … Continued

Balance in life – how can you create it?
28th April 2017

How often in your busy life do you crave a more simple life? A balance in life that right now seems miles away? I read an interesting article recently about ambition and how the writer was unapologetically not ambitious. She craved the simple life and was happy not having huge goals to aim for but … Continued

The Silver Tent Summit
17th April 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for the The Silver Tent Summit. The Silver Tent is an amazing collection of women 50+ who are sharing their wisdom to support all women who want to live their life fully. I just love the Silver Tent because it is a gathering of an amazing array … Continued