Divine Timing

I was talking with a client yesterday and we were discussing the idea of divine timing, of knowing when to do something and when not.

If you’ve been experiencing anything like a lot of people I know you’ll have been feeling a bit like you’re  walking through treacle recently. Projects getting delayed, ideas not coming to fruition, ideas not landing the way they could and communication getting garbled to name a few things.

When I see that many people are experiencing similar things I begin to look further afield for why this seems to be happening. If you follow astrology in any way you will have probably heard that there are 5 planets in retrograde. That can jam things up. However it can also be helping us release what is holding us back from the past too. Old issues resurfacing to be looked at and let go of.

Time to stop and listen

I have been stopping to look at this and I feel that I am being asked to listen. To stop trying to control things to get out of this treacle which is my old past pattern, something I flip back into when I forget. I have to remember to listen to my heart. What is it telling me – what am I not hearing?

What I have felt is that I need to stop pushing the water up the hill – a very mind focused action – gotta do it now! – and start feeling what needs my attention.   When we get out of our minds and into our hearts then things can begin to shift, and probably not in the way we think they should!

Recently I had a retreat booked with a client. She had first spoken to me in January and it wasn’t until the first week in May that she could find the time to come. An indication of just how busy and unbalanced life was. Unfortunately three days before she was due to arrive she had a medical emergency in her family and had to postpone.

I put out an email – you may have seen it – that if someone was feeling spontaneous and could get to Malaga in two days time there was a retreat available. An ex-client replied and said ‘perfect timing’ and she flew out and had a huge transformational retreat.  In fact we called it the ‘Reinvention Retreat’ because she felt she had reinvented herself. It literally was divine timing as now everything is beginning to flow. We released the old stuff that was stopping her getting anywhere and created a way forward that felt ambitious and exciting.

Here’s what she had to say about her retreat:

“I felt stuck on something – I had no idea what – that was holding me back from pushing the button on my well planned and calculated new career.

And there Jessica was again, in the form of an email. A retreat had come up at the last minute due to a cancellation and it clearly had my name on it.

I came to Spain, we eliminated some groundbreaking fears and I went home and I conquered. I feel like I should start wearing my pants on the outside with a cape to match. Not only did I feel like a different woman but my partner noticed as soon as he picked me up at the airport and I have been told by many people since that my eyes are sparkling so much with energy that it’s infectious – all in a good way.

The weekend was a flurry of ‘aha’ moments and insights about my fears and worries, what they really are and how to get rid of them – so much so I left me feeling like I’ve lost about two stone in weight.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world being able to spend a weekend in the Spanish mountains with Jessica, spending time just on me. Having Jessica help me unpick the web of uncertainty I had carefully spun all on my own was invaluable. I arrived full of self-doubt and frustration and I left full of energy, excitement and passion for the future. I’m now ready to push the button on my new career and more importantly to not give myself a hard time anymore.

I was well and truly unstuck and reinvented in two days.”

It really was divine timing.

You won’t always know why things aren’t working out – and that’s ok!

What was also interesting was that the client who had to postpone wrote to me afterwards with the comment “I’m sure there must be a reason for all this…” Again divine timing. And here’s something really important – often in these situations, particularly if your best laid plans are going awry, you won’t know the reason. At least not yet. Divine timing asks us to trust, it asks us to let go of what we are trying so hard to do and listen to what feels right – and then trust ourselves in the outcome.

Time and again in my life I have seen the wisdom of divine timing – things that I thought should have happened didn’t and then later on seeing just how perfect the manifestation was once I’d gotten out of the way.

So I invite you to start listening. When you feel you are pushing the water up the hill stop and listen to your heart. Take yourself for a walk and ask the question – what am I not seeing here? What do I need to hear?  Listen and see what comes.

And if the time feels right for you to take those precious two days out on retreat and reinvent yourself then do drop me a line and let me know and we can arrange a time to talk.  I have space for just two retreats between the 16th June and the 11th July.  Just as my spontaneous client knew that now was the moment – seize yours when it arrives.


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