I don’t care! versus I don’t care:-)

Welcome to today’s thought provoker video.  I’ve been having some interesting conversations around non-attachment and one area in particular – the idea of not caring, in a loving easeful way.  Often we say I don’t care! in that stubborn way, when in fact we really do and that can be detrimental to our lives and to others around us. If you recognise this in yourself at all – then have a watch….

And if you are feeling stuck in your life and have got to that I don’t care stage that keeps you stuck and miserable then let’s have a chat.  I have a few retreat spaces free in October and November or we can always do some work on the phone.

Have a great month and here’s to openly, lovingly and honestly not caring.

P.S.  See if you notice the deliberate mistake and let me know!


Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

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