Kitten or Tiger?

When I saw this photo so many thoughts came crowding in – and I knew I wanted this to be the image for today’s blog (thanks to for the image).

The first thing that struck me was about potential. We all have a huge potential within us. How many of us own it and believe in it? What gets in the way?

The next thought I had was about being fully ourselves. How often do we play small or hold back? How often do we hide our full power from the world?

Or maybe it is about balance and being both – the kitten and the tiger and feeling equally comfortable with both.

Who are you being in the world?

Many of you will have seen my last blog about Why Are We Here? It is such a big question for many – and as a friend said yesterday it is really about what makes us want to get up in the morning. In case you missed the information about it I am exploring purpose tomorrow in a free webinar – you can still book your spot here.

If we look at why are we here it is not to play small. It is not to hide the magnificence of who we are. For some people they hide who they are for fear of making themselves too different, for fear of standing out or being ostracised. I know that for me I have done this in the past, I wanted to belong and so held back.

I live a very different kind of life than the one I was brought up to live. I changed the rules and followed my heart, something that we are not always encouraged to do. When you go for change – when you decide to life full out, it can be scary to start with and it can make you feel like you want to dull down who you are.

Are you holding back?

I have worked with many people who hold back who they are because they do not want to over shadow their partner or challenge them too much for fear of losing the relationship. Or feel like they might no longer be able to relate to their family. Or simply know inside that if they lived their full potential life, lived a life that made them want to jump out of bed in the morning, life as they know it would change hugely.

So if this is you in any way I ask you this – what could you be living if you did step into your greatness? What kind of life would be possible?

Instead of hiding, who could you be out into the world? You are so much more than you think – in many ways. And it is your choice – kitten or tiger. The good thing is that you it is not an either/or choice. It can be a both/and. You can live your full potential and still be both. There are days when you will be comfortable and authentic being your inner kitten. And other days when you will let your full light shine and your inner magnificence will shine through. There is room for both – you just need to be aware of both and be them.

If this resonates with you, if you feel that there is more inside of you longing for expression in the world then do join me tomorrow for the webinar. And if you’d like to explore it more and how you can let that inner tiger out then let’s have a chat, just drop me a line or give me a call on +44 (0) 203 239 6155.


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