Perspective – what’s yours?

How are you feeling today? If you are saying good, upbeat, inspired – that’s great. If not so good, that’s ok too, because on one level it’s a choice. Why? Because it is a matter of perspective.   So right now mark yourself out of 10. Where are you? 0 feeling crap; 10 can’t get any better.

Now go watch this video.   Click here now

Fascinating wasn’t it? So now rate how you are feeling out of ten. Has it changed? It did for me when I first watched this. And that’s the power of perspective.

How often are we stuck in not enough? Even if we feel that life is going well we often have that not enough feeing, need to get even more, do even more. I know I get caught up in it sometimes and I know better!

How we feel in our day-to-day life is all about perspective. It is all about what we allow our minds to focus on. Now as Glen says in the video there are some challenges and bad stuff happening and you may be facing some today. But even if that is the case I want to remind you that how you handle them and the outcome is directly correlated to the perspective you have in any given moment.

If you have a perspective of woe is me, poor me, the world is against me, I can’t do anything to change this – then guess what? That’s exactly what you will experience.

You are the creative force in your life – use it.

However if you have the perspective that you are the creative force in your life, that what you put your attention on will grow stronger, that you will stay in harmony with whatever is happening so that you have all your ability to handle the challenges that life throws at you – then that’s the one that is going to see you through. You will create the best outcome with the perspective of knowing that in fact we live in a world of huge opportunity – if we choose to see it that way.

Many people I have spoken with this summer have reported back that it has been a challenging time personally. We live in a chaotic world right now and the energy around us is changing fast and challenging us to keep up. If we can choose a positive perspective, look for opportunities and come into harmony with whatever is happening (in other words don’t fight it – approach it with ease) then we will negotiate these times well and be able to create a better experience.

Remember whatever we put our attention on grows stronger. What’s your perspective?

Choose the perspective of doom and gloom and you’ll create more. Put it on what you want to change in your world and the world at large and you’ll create that. Focus on the light rather than the darkness.

So if you are feeling challenged and want to shift how you are approaching your world, who you are being and what you are creating then let’s have a chat. You could come on retreat to give yourself some time out and regroup or if it is easier we can work over the phone or skype. Let’s start with a chat.

Either way – don’t stay stuck in a negative perspective of this world – it is a beautiful place filled with countless opportunities when you have the right perspective. What’s yours?


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