A retreat can bring major change – and get you focused again.

I am a great believer of never giving up on your dreams. Whether these dreams are specific to one thing or simply a feeling of how you want life to be.

Last November I realised a 53-year-old dream. I had always wanted a horse (well a pony when the dream was dreamt) and had never had my own. I had begged, borrowed (and I would have stolen had I could) ponies and horses to ride all through my early life. And then life moved on and I gave up the idea as impractical and not possible. But there was always some part of me that loved horses and deep down I did miss them. I think this was the reason that when Liz and I came up with the idea of the Healing with Horses retreat it felt so good. Last November out of the blue I was given the opportunity to have a horse on loan. Finally I realised a 53-year-old dream and I have been having a great time riding Unicorn (what a great name for a horse!) ever since.

Retreats are wonderful for connecting back into your dreams.

Which is one of the reasons I have been focusing on doing more of them this year – they are just so darn effective. The individual Get Unstuck in Two Days Retreat can help you see what is in your life that you want to keep or improve upon, and they are perfect for seeing what you want to let go of. On the retreats we work out the next steps and choosing what you want your life to look and feel like. And we ensure that you are building the confidence to go for it.

As I said, this year I have decided that I want to focus on retreats as they are so powerful and they really do get you unstuck quickly and effectively. Then continuing to work with people afterwards to roll out the ideas that were generated on the retreat is equally powerful. As one client just wrote to me a year after she first came out of retreat:

“I came on the retreat just over a year ago when I was not enjoying life, felt burdened, couldn’t see how I could break out beyond my responsibilities.
A year later, many of the outside factors have not really changed (work FT, two small kids, mum to look after etc) but my outlook and the recognition of me within this, is 100000000% different.
This last piece we have just unlocked, i.e. following my heart, is something I have not been able to do for a very very very very long time.  It’s a seismic change to remember what that feels like. And it’s completely complementary to the other “revelations” along the way. So THANK YOU!!!”

As you can see from this email this client not much shifted for her outwardly but who she was being in that life and how she is handling it and sees her place in her life is a big change. This is what I love about retreats – you never know what the result of them will be but they are always exactly what is needed. As this client said to me as we drove down the mountains after our two days together, “I never thought a change in perspective could be so powerful”.

Changes can be big on the outside too.

For others it can be an outward change, a gaining of clarity about what big change you want to make and move it out of the ‘if only’ stage to a reality. As another recent retreatee wrote:

“I spent two days on retreat with Jessica during which she helped me understand my values and needs, some of them not so surprising, others a realisation.

More importantly she helped me sift through recurring, backwards and forwards thoughts about my future, and I’ve come away knowing that I do indeed have some realistic do-able options, not just vague ‘if onlys’.”

It can feel hard even if you have an idea of what you want to change to put real concrete plans in place and see how you can make that all important transition. Once you gain the clarity you need then it makes it all possible. Not necessarily easy – as with all things worth doing it is going to take some effort – but easy as in knowing that it is possible and how you are going to do it.

If change, either inward or outward, is what you feel you need then I am taking bookings for the beginning of June or the first half of July, or later in the year if you prefer to come in the cooler months. If you would like to join me and give yourself the gift of a retreat, time out to create that seismic shift in your life then do drop me a line or give me a call on +44 (0) 203 239 6155 now.

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