The Silver Tent Summit

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for the The Silver Tent Summit.

The Silver Tent is an amazing collection of women 50+ who are sharing their wisdom to support all women who want to live their life fully.

I just love the Silver Tent because it is a gathering of an amazing array of women who are willing to share their life experience for the betterment of everyone.   Such a fabulous community.

The summit, is a free nine-day festival of these phenomenal speakers from around the world reintroducing us to our wild, wonderful and wise selves and is starting next weekend on the 22nd April – here’s a trailer of what I’m speaking about at the summit.


I’m talking about my favourite subject – The Wake Up Call  and I’d love you to join me and the other speakers for this great gathering.  Do take a moment to sign up now to get access to all the great speakers.  You can sign up for free here

I really hope you can be with us and please do feel free to send this on to any of your friends who you think would love to join us.

And remember – it’s free and the more of us the merrier the tent will be!

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