Stop shouting at things outside of you

This past month I have been speaking about how when we feel unable to make a difference to things that are outside of our circles of influence it can feel awful –  and what to do about it.   This subject has come up with virtually everyone I have been working with – whether it be on a retreat or in my monthly coaching. So I thought that as it is obviously a theme right now I would have a chat about it in this month’s video.  So if you are looking at something outside of yourself and shouting at it, then this is for you.  And if you aren’t doing it now but do it occasionally – then this is also for you too:-)

Enjoy, and if I can be of any help in anyway to help you stop shouting at life and create the one you want then just drop me a line and we can arrange a time to chat.


Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash

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