The Power of Nature

One of my passions is to be in nature – I’m not so fussy as to what form it takes, woods, lakesides, rolling hills, mountains, parks, seaside, snow fields – as long as I am outside in a beautiful place I am happy.

I spoke to someone recently who knew me as a child and asked her what she thought I was going to do when I grew up.  ‘Something outside’ was her answer!  And, although I do not work outside, I do make sure that I live my passion for being in nature as much as I can.  It makes a difference to my day and I feel happier, more motivated, more inspired just for having been in nature.

Lessons from the woods

As I was walking through the woods the other day I started to ponder on why being in nature was so nurturing and I recorded some of my thoughts as I walked through the woods.  This was what I saw on that walk…

As you walk through the woods sometimes you have a really clear track that takes you to where you want to go. Other times it is a track that looks to be promising but it was a dead end.  However the dead end is not a mistake – it was still a nice walk and you can enjoy the countryside plus it also means that in future you will know not to follow that track – useful information.

Then there are other tracks that you are not sure where they lead but there is something about the track that calls you.  Often it is these tracks that can hold a surprise at the end – just as the track that drew me down the hill revealed the wonderful land art at the bottom that is my feature photo this month.

Each type of track in life has a gift for us

It is also about being present

Being in nature can remind us to be present – walking through this cathedral of green, listening to the birdsong all around can remind us to stop and just be for a while.  Why is that useful?  Because when we get present to our lives and ourselves then we can literally see the woods for the trees.  The power of nature is huge, it can reconnect us to ourselves.

There are often noises in the woods (which are like the noises in our lives) – there might be beautiful noises like birdsong or loud noises like children screaming with pleasure, or out of place noises like planes flying overhead.

Rather than trying to shut them out welcome them in.  Welcome the beauty of the bird song, welcome the sound of the children having unbridled fun, welcome the sound of the planes carrying people off to distant places.  And ask yourself, what does this noise teach me?  Everything in nature shows you something about your life or yourself.

For me as I walked through the woods and listened to the birdsong I was reminded to stop listen to what was going on around me, it is asking me to be present (again).  The sound of the joy from the children reconnected me to joy for joy’s sake and gave me the ‘lighten up’ message.  And as for the sound of the plane I was simply grateful not to be on it!  (As many of your know I travel a lot!).

There is the cycles of life and nature too

Continuing through the woods the cathedral of green of spring reminds me that life is continuous – the trees look completely dead in the winter, no life at all, everything cold.  But as soon as the spring arrives new life comes.  So, if you are feeling that at the moment you might be in a winter that’s ok, know that spring is coming.  If you feel your life is in spring enjoy it, be present in it, it is vibrant and full of new life.  Or maybe your life feels like it is in summer where everything is beginning to fruit and you have autumn to look forward to where you will be harvesting all the hard work that you have been doing.  And, because life is never done, you like all of us, will enter winter again, the fallow period before the new cycle where all ideas will hibernate in preparation for the spring where your new fresh ideas will sprout forth.

This cycle of life is something to be celebrated, wherever you are in the cycle because it means that there is always movement and even if it does not feel like it you can take heart in this.

Another aspect about the power of nature is that you can breath deeply.  We can take huge breaths and reenergise reinvigorate your body.  We spend lots of time thinking and doing and when we are that focused we are not breathing fully.  But when you are out in nature – wherever that might be – you can take huge deep breaths.

Who do you want to be?

I was listening to a TED talk about physics and in the talk the scientist said that because of how the Universe works that when he breathes in he could be breathing an atom that Einstein breathed in.  So as a final thought from the woods whose breath would you like to be breathing in?  Who’s your role model or mentor that you would like to emulate?  As you walk in nature breathe in their breath and take on the attributes you’d like to embody.

What can you do?

Is today is a good time for you to go out in nature and see what message it has to offer you? By taking the time to open yourself to the power of nature all other aspects of your life will look and feel different.  Remember to jot down your insights – and ask yourself how can you incorporate them into your everyday life

And if you’d like some support in making use of these insights and implementing them in your life then let’s have a chat on +44 (0) 203 239 6155 or email me now.

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