"She is not intrusive but finds the key or the core of what makes you think or feel negatively…"

My life for the last 15 years has been a non stop journey, travelling to and from many places, working in different places looking for that successful career… One day I sat down and realized how difficult it is to find today that perfect life without having to sacrifice something but I was wrong.

I am not afraid to share how I feel and use to call my sisters or speak to my husband to express my daily frustrations and worries but as much attention and encouraging words they gave me it was never enough… Truly it was not their fault, it wasn’t that they were not giving me the right guidance the issue here was me, I was the one who had to change. But change is hard to do, change is an inconvenience specially when you have created as a habit to think in a certain way about yourself or about others or basically it is just your way of making decisions or reacting but I have realised that we are the owners of our thoughts and we need to take control of what we want in life.

Finally, I decided to stop looking for that ideal advice from my friends and wanted to hear something more, from someone who didn’t know me but could understand or relate to the troubles and worries I was going through and guide me through the transition I was facing.

I discovered Jessica through friends who have also worked with her… It has been the best decision I have ever made. Surely in 6 months Jessica has opened my eyes and made me realized how perfect my life already was and how important it is to keep in touch with one’s passions and beliefs and how life is not perfect but how you work to make it perfect when you are happy. Jessica’s way of helping was ideal for me, deftly she made me realized that I had to do all the work during and for the rest of my life, she is not intrusive but finds the key or the core of what makes you think or feel negatively… We all need sometimes a little bit of help, we can all read lots of books and try to work it out on our own but the frustration will still be there, Jessica will help you make the whole process at ease. You will get addicted!

Thank you Jessica for these wonderful 6 months.

A.B.R Hotelier, Spain