"The layers of confusion and emotional burden started to lift and fade when I started to say ‘maybe’ instead of ‘no’ to possibilities."

Jessica – A North Star! The destiny of the North Star is to be the guide that sailors use for measuring their direction, speed and distance in sailing their ships through the unknown and often unchartered waters, to home.

Ever had that feeling that you are stuck in a rut or that you are the actual rickety wagon wheel going around and around in that deep rut?  I was that wheel and I really wanted out of that rut but I had always maintained the thought it was my mission in life to carry the emotional heavy load for myself and others, not having a voice and being in a place of saying ‘only if’ or ‘I am so tired of this stuff’ and ‘why always me’.

A dear and precious friend suggested that I contact Jessica which I did and then committed to do the journey, the work and maintain the belief in the fact that this will make a difference in my life.

Simply amazing things started happened and little by little as the layers of confusion and emotional burden started to lift and fade when I started to say ‘maybe’ instead of ‘no’ to possibilities … that is when the true magic started to happen.  I felt there really was a possibility for me to take charge of my life, be the person I would like to be and chase my rainbows of possibilities. To break free!

Through the work, I rediscovered and regained a part of myself that was buried and possibly almost lost.   My friend often commented on the change and emergence of a new stronger and more secure woman.  I am thankful to her for pointing at the North Star.

Jessica gave me direction to find my Passions and held my hand while I removed the blindfold of hopelessness and deception that shrouded my every thought and action.  My Passions are clear and the path lit with markers that continue to show me that this journey of possibilities is endless. It is possible to be free, to be yourself and discover your wishes and make them a reality in a real world.

Shining and smiling is so much better!  Shine on Jessica!  You are the best!

J.W-L. Finance Manager, Hospitality, Seychelles