"She brought out fears that were buried deep inside and made me tackle them head-on."

“After working with Jessica, I write this from a much happier and more fulfilling place in my life than I could ever have imagined.

Throughout our time talking to each other I have been through leaving long-term employment and starting up two businesses to leaving a long term relationship and starting a new one, now with a baby on the way. It has been a time of tough decisions, hard work, plenty of emotion and lots and lots of personal growth.

Every fortnight I looked forward to speaking with Jessica as I knew that however I was feeling that day, she would only make me feel better and more clear–headed. I found her non-judgemental approach created an easy flow of open and honest communication and I was never afraid to ask  her advice or opinion. She brought out fears that were buried deep inside and made me tackle them head-on. She also encouraged me to release strengths that I never knew I had, and she allowed me to believe and trust in myself to a much greater degree. She became my ‘rock’ through some very difficult times and I knew that she would always guide and advise me with my best interests at heart.

I loved the fact that whilst Jessica was there to offer advice, give suggestions and enable me to see things often from a different perspective, it was I who had to do the work. This has made me very proud of myself and I feel a great deal of self-love for my mind, body and soul. Jessica taught me that to be selfish is not a bad thing and that we have to be selfish and work on ‘us’ before we can help and give the best of ourselves to others.

I can highly recommend Jessica to anyone who is stuck or lost and doesn’t know whom to turn to or just can’t seem to make that much-needed change. Life can be tough and as humans we need all the help we can get. It’s just a matter of reaching out and asking for that help – and that’s what Jessica is there for. I shall miss her enormously but I know she is there if I need her support again.”

L.B. Event Planner, Monaco