The Individual Retreat exceeded my expectations.... I left the retreat wishing I had been to see her several years earlier.

Full Testimonial

I went on a two day individual retreat with Jessica to assess where I am in my life and think through each dimension holistically.  I needed to decide what actions to take around each element of Jessica’s “wheel” and make sure that I learned the appropriate lessons for the future.

Jessica had been recommended to me by a friend, but I was not sure what it would involve and I was concerned about taking two days away. However, the retreat exceeded my expectations.  Jessica does not have a set program but allows the process to unfold and we covered all the points I needed clarity on plus I learnt some very valuable tools for life that I would really have benefitted from far earlier in my life!  Jessica is not a typical coach, she pushed me on the difficult issues in a sensitive and thoughtful way and gave me valuable input and insight when needed, allowing me to see the situation in a new light. ‎ I left the retreat wishing I had been to see her several years earlier.

Being up in the mountains in Spain away from the “noise” of life made a big difference.  The peace and the ability to spend time outside in beautiful and calm scenery was thoroughly worthwhile.  On the second day we had a fantastic walk in the high peaks which allowed me to consolidate my thinking after the intense conversations.

If you are at a crossroads in your life either personally, professionally or both, I thoroughly recommend going on a retreat with Jessica.   She will help you cut through the frustrations and put you on a fulfilling long term path.

O.W. Managing Director & Global Lead for Consumer Goods & Services