"If I could, I would make the retreat with Jessica an annual gift to myself."

As a Clore Fellow I was in the very fortunate position of being able to work with a coach during the duration of the fellowship year.  I had no previous experience of coaching and sought the advice of a close friend, a trained coach herself, who recommended the 2 day retreat with Jessica.  I felt it was important for me to make the space, mentally and physically, to focus on my initial coaching experience, and through the challenges presented by the Clore programme and life in general,

Jessica ensured that I was clear in advance about what I hoped to achieve from the retreat,and so the two days were very focussed.  The two morning sessions were very relaxed, but quite intense. We talked through some deeply held perceptions, negative beliefs and concerns that I had, that I knew were holding me back, and through discussion and some exercises Jessica guided me to a point where I could see them from a different, more positive perspective.

In the afternoons I sat on the beach in the sunshine and did the homework that Jessica had set – including playing around with some paints. I left feeling liberated, excited, and with a set of tools to help me build on what I had learnt during the retreat.  If I could, I would make the retreat with Jessica an annual gift to myself.

R.K. Theatre Producer, UK