Time to Meditate!

Meditation is one of the best tools I know for handling everyday stress and right now at this time it is even more important. I remember one of the Swamis in the ashram I lived in telling me that when things got busy he doubled his meditation because he knew just how important a practice it was for him.

By having a regular meditation practice not only will you feel better mentally but it will also be great for your immune system. It has been proven that meditation strengthens our immune system and generally support our body’s functions. Add that to feeling more relaxed and setting yourself up from a calm space for the day and your are quids in before the day starts.

So if you are meditator but have gotten out of the habit now is the time to get back into it – have a watch. And if you are new to meditation or have tried before and don’t think you can meditate then this is definitely for you too.

In the video above (just click on the photo) I explain some basics about meditation and why it will be such a great support for you at this time.

I am also inviting you to an online meditation group (during the lock down in 2020) and you can register and get all the details here

I look forward to seeing you at the group meditation and if you have any questions as always please feel to get in touch.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

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