A Virtual Retreat – Get Unstuck Now

Use this time to decide what you want your world to look and feel like

Are you thinking about making changes in your life but feel with everything that is happening right now it has to go on hold?

This pandemic we are now facing may be actually something that brings your change even more into the forefront.  I spoke to a client recently who works in the stock market and said that this will be the third recession that he’s worked through and if anything, it has made him even more determined to find out what his next step is – away from the markets.

Does this sounds familiar or maybe only now this situation is making you reconsider life?  If you do want to step back and look at your life and work out what you’d like it to look and feel like post virus then this virtual retreat is perfect for you.  Life does not need to go on hold.  You can still keep moving forward, planning for the future that you wish to step into once the world opens up again.  And you’ll be ahead of the curve because you will have done all the personal work to prepare.

Life does not need to go on hold – you can still keep moving forward, planning for the future that you wish to step into.

It doesn’t matter where you are stuck in your life: career, relationship or work/life balance, the quickest way is to improving life is to have some dedicated time for you to delve deep and see what’s working, what’s not and what needs to change.

When you are immersed in the middle of what you are trying to change, with life going on around you, it can be hard even to admit to yourself something needs to change.

By using this downtime in the world right now we can take the time to unravel the problems and move you to a clear space so you can see clearly what’s important right now and for the future.  Not only that, we will come up with a plan that makes you feel fulfilled and happy.

This isn’t a quick fix – no plasters here – but rather a long term change which will make you look back on this pandemic with soft eyes as the time when life began to get better.

As with my Spanish retreats there is no set program, these two days will be totally focused on you and your needs.  I bring my huge toolbox that I have accumulated over the years to help you clear the fog and see clearly what you’d really like your life to be like.

As you read all this and listen to the video above – stop and see if this resonates with you.  Does it feel the right thing to do?  It might even feel a bit scary, but if deep inside you it feels right anyway – then I whole-heartedly suggest you listen to yourself.

Have a look at the details below and then let’s chat and find the perfect two days for us to link up and go on retreat together.

Bring your willingness and open mind and watch the beginning of a wonderful exciting and fun new horizon open up.

How does it work?

Based on my individual bespoke retreats you can go on a retreat in the comfort of your own home or if the situation allows you can go somewhere quiet in your own country to take the time out.  The format is very similar.  We’ll be connect face to face via a zoom video link.  You’ll set an intention for what you wish to work on together and we will have that dedicated time just for you.

After completing a preparation exercise we will have a meet and greet in the early evening the day before the first day of your retreat. Just as if we were going out to dinner together.  This time is for us to get to know each other, chat about where you are and lay the foundation for the work to come the next two days.

On the first day of your retreat we will start the day with a meditation.  Not only is meditation great for calming the mind and getting focused and present it is also really good for the immune system too – so extra health benefits there.  We will then have the whole morning together via a zoom video link. We will look at what your intention is and start the conversation that will organically work us towards your answers.  I do not have a set program, just simply focusing on what your questions are will lead us forward – just as it does in all my retreats.

After we take a break for lunch you will then have some time for quiet contemplation.  Maybe you can go for a walk or mull over what we have talked about in the morning.  Or there might be some exercises for you to do before we meet again for the late afternoon session.

Day Two is a very similar format except our afternoon session will be looking at everything we have discussed, the decisions you will have made and preparing your next steps and what we need to focus on in your follow-up sessions that we arrange after the retreat to ensure that the decision you have made get rolled out in the coming months.  I will also be taking copious notes to create your individual Retreat Report – notes of everything we have spoken about so you have a aide memoir for our follow on work together.

Really the only thing that changes is that we are not in the same room.  The format is the same –  you will have all the access to me that you need and we will work together to discover your answers to your questions.

Life does not need to go on hold – you can still keep moving forward, planning for the future that you wish to step into.

Next step – we have a discovery call to discuss whats going on your life. Where youre stuck, why the retreat is of interest to you and what you hope to get out of it. You also get the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about how the retreat works.


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