The Decision Maker – help for making that all important decision.

Clear your head and make the best decision you can

Are you feeling stuck with making a Decision?

This is a programme specifically designed to help you make a single important decision.  Often in life we are faced with a major decision and when we look at all the pros and cons we are still no further forward as to what to do. It doesn’t matter how we look at it we are still at an impasse and the longer it goes on the harder it gets. We feel torn and unable to see clearly anymore and it is causing huge stress. This is particularly true if there is a time crunch to have to make the decision by.

One of the problems is that often we are trying to make the right decision and that causes major pressure making it virtually impossible to move forward.

The longer you look at the decision the harder it is to make it and speaking to friends and family doesn’t always help as you have to make  this decision for you – not for them.  For over 14 years I have been supporting people in making the biggest decisions of their life, whether it be work or personal.   I know that you need a different perspective to see more clearly and the support to look at the whole picture and not let fear get in the way.

The Decision Maker is a short programme of up to three, 60 minute sessions to help you step back – look at your situation from a new perspective and find your way forward.  It will help you find your best decision for this moment in time and see that it is not the huge challenge it currently feels. Finally being able to make that decision will open the way forward and life will feel better again.

How does it work?

Time is probably of the essence right now so we can have a quick chat soon to arrange working together and set a date for your first session. We can talk on skype, phone or Facetime.  You will receive a summary email after each session to help you reflect on what we have discussed.

To get going simply fill in the box below to arrange a time to chat or you can call me on +44 (0)7518 914604 and take the first step towards making your best decision.


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