The Passion Test

3 hours to recover your joy

Do you feel unhappy, like you’ve lost a sense of who you are?

You’ve spent all your life doing what you “should” be doing, you’ve lost track of what actually makes you happy. Finding your passion and purpose in life can make all the difference and The Passion Test is the quickest way I know to getting your life back on track. It’s a self empowerment tool that puts you back in charge of your life

Within 3 short hours, you’ll uncover what’s really important to you and you’ll have a compass to help you create ongoing joy and happiness in your life.  Fill in the form below and let’s start finding your passion.

Apply The Passion Test to all areas of life

The Passion Test not only provides you with insights on your personal life, it will also give you insight into what’s valuable to you in your career and business.

If you find you’re unhappy at work, you can go back to The Passion Test and see what’s missing in your workplace.

No matter what’s going on around you, you can take charge of your life by knowing what you need to make yourself feel passionate and happy again – and it’s usually not what you think it is either.


I use this process with all my clients and the results are always the same. Everyone is in awe of how profound, yet simple and empowering this process is.

Whenever you feel disconnected, unhappy or alone, you can go back to The Passion Test and reconnect with the simple things that make you happy. By focusing on these things you are always choosing in favour of your passions – whatever the choice.

How does it work?

All these aspects are designed to support you in taking substantial steps towards the change you want.  You will feel more in touch with who you really are and understand what you really want in your life and you will build the confidence and road map to go for it.
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  1. Once you’ve booked in I will send you an agreement and we will arrange the two x 90 minute sessions – about a week apart.
  2. You’ll get some pre-work from me that you will need to submit the day before our first session. This will be the basis for discovering your passions.
  3. After the first session there will be some homework for you to do to deepen your passions and begin to show how you can start to live them straight away.
  4. By the end of the second session you’ll end up with the clarity you need and some great tools to use going forward.


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