Is this it? Bespoke Retreat

Beginning to answer the "Is this it?" question. A bespoke retreat in Spain

Do you ever feel that deep down inside of you there is a part that feels lost?  A part that is craving change?

Maybe you are asking the questions:“Is this it – is this all there is to life?”  “Who am I?”  “What is life about?”    You’re thinking there must be more.

Outwardly everything looks good but inside something is missing.  It is a feeling that has been growing and has got to a point that you can’t ignore it anymore.  And maybe it feels scary because you feel that it might be a huge change that upsets your world and you are not sure you want that.

Or perhaps it also comes with a feeling of excitement, that you are on the brink of something new, something that has been beckoning you now for a while.   Either way it is the same physical sensation and it is calling you forward.

It is the beginning of a new adventure in life.  And one thing is for sure – you can’t ignore it anymore and you don’t want to.

One of my teachers once wrote:

“In the West, there is a chasm between ‘spiritual’ and ‘unspiritual’.  People think if they meditate they are spiritual and if they watch a movie they are worldly.  Spirituality does not lie in things or places or practices.  We can meditate in a very worldly way, and we can watch a movie while seeing everything as the dance of pure Consciousness.  Spirituality is an outlook, an attitude, a way of approaching all the circumstances and situations of life, not a list of things to do or don’t do.”   – D.R. Butler

It is time to explore who you are in totality, who you are as a human being having a spiritual experience.  It is time to listen to your heart, your Soul, and make new decisions from that space of Love.  Love of Self, love of others, love of family, love of each other and love of Spirit.  Time to embrace life fully because life is just too short not to live it to the full.

The great thing to know is that this journey of discovery is in your hands.  You do not have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, walk away from everything you have known.  This is not about starting again – it is about evolving yourself and your understanding to a point where you can happily make different choices.  You can learn to be present

in your world and not be swayed by what others think or old patterns of behaviour learnt years ago. It is a place where you can understand yourself so much better and listen to your heart – and follow it.

I know exactly where you are standing right now, I have walked this path and so can guide you on yours.  I know what not to do (having made the mistakes myself without a guide) and how to make this an exciting, joyful journey – and I will guide and nurture you through this awakening – this exploration of your Self.

This retreat is a conversation of discovery.  A conversation where, focused on the different chapters of my book Remembering Perfection, we will explore what reconnecting to the perfection of your Soul means.  It is a practical journey of learning about yourself, understanding what it means to say that we are all One.  Exploring how you can be truly real with yourself and with the world and begin to see how you create your own reality and so learn to trust your intuition.  Exploring love you will discover how to build trust and faith in yourself  and living patience and surrender you will step into the same world but in a new way.

Answering the Is This It? question and living life to the full.

How does it work?

We have a chat to discuss where you are in your life.  We will look at why you think this retreat is calling you and what you hope to get out of it. You also get the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about me, my life experience and how the retreat works.

It is also possible to partake in this programme remotely over 12 bi-weekly sessions and we can discuss this when we chat.


Once we both agree the retreat is the right thing for you, well book in dates (both weekends and weekdays are fine) and I will send you an agreement and joining information for your retreat.

If you are coming to Spain the retreat fee includes transfers to and from Malaga or Granada airport, accommodation and all meals. Dietary requirements can be catered for.   It is highly recommended that we also arrange follow up support sessions to ensure that your retreat is not just a nice two days out of your busy life but continues to work its magic after you return home and you get the support you need to integrate all your have learnt. As one participant said – so often have I committed to starting the day with hot water and lemon when on retreat only to never think about it again.  In this way you will have the support you need to ensure that this retreat truly is life changing.

If you choose a virtual retreat you can go on a retreat either in the comfort of your own home or if the situation allows you can go somewhere quiet in your own country to take the time out. The format is very similar. We’ll be connect via a zoom video link – no full on screen time though – just a conversation with someone sitting close by. You’ll set an intention for what you wish to work on together and we will have that dedicated time just for you.

Or if you choose to do this programme over six months having 12 bi-weekly sessions we can arrange that easily when we chat.


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