Transformational Life Guidance & Coaching

6 months to reinvent your life

Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck in a life you have created but are unhappy with?  Coaching can help.

Youve achieved everything you thought you ever wanted but deep down you feel disconnected  and alone and cant work out what to do next. My transformational guidance coaching programme provides a foundation to create long lasting change. The kind that both scares and excites you.

Over an initial period of 6 months, well re-evaluate every aspect of your life, reconnect you to your heart and spirit  and you will receive the coaching, support, resources and tools you need to create and roll out your roadmap for change.  Fill in the form below to arrange a time to for us to talk.

We will go at your pace, you will be the one in charge of your change.  There is no right or wrong just what is right for you.  I know from my own life experience that change can feel challenging but when you reconnect with your heart and listen to your deepest desire any feeling of scariness will disappear and only excitement will remain.

Im here coaching you, supporting you, to help you see yourself in a clearer light, to empower you to take the steps your heart longs for and to ensure that you get to live the life you want. 

Youre not going to be alone on this journey. Our conversations are sacred and private. I have no agenda in your life, whatever you choose I will support.  I will be that supportive, caring, loving and unbiased friend that you need at this point in your life. 

Your friends and family cannot be that unconditional, they love you and want you to be happy but it is their happy and that is not always the same as yours. 

Youll get to be totally honest with yourself for maybe the first time in your life.  It might even feel a bit selfish and thats fine because you need to feel happy and fulfilled before you can help anyone else feel the same.

And no matter how challenging and impossible things might feel right now there is a way forward and you will find it.

I promise you after we have worked together your life will have changed for the better and you will have exciting and clear vision of the how you want this journey called life to continue to unfold.

How does it work?

We’ll have a discovery call to discuss your situation and how I can support you in making the changes you want.  You can fill in the form below to arrange a time.
Once we start working together we will have two x 60-minute sessions per month over an initial period of six months. 
We will look at many aspects of your life and why they are not feeling right, why you feel so disconnected.  We will shine a light on the unconscious blocks and fears that have stopped you being you in the past and help you get crystal clear on what the future looks like. And together we will work towards you creating the life that you want.

After each session you will receive a follow-up email covering what we have talked with notes about your next steps (no excuses for not moving forward!).

You also get unlimited email support and laser calls. If something is just niggling you and you want some input or if you need a different perspective on a sticky issue you can just drop me a line or give me a quick call anytime.

All these aspects are designed to support you in taking substantial steps towards the change you want.  You will feel more in touch with who you really are and understand what you really want in your life and you will build the confidence and road map to go for it.

If you are interested in a retreat you can see the details here.


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