The Right T-Shirt

Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want

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I wrote The Right T-Shirt because clients kept telling me that they had worked so hard to create the life they thought would make them happy but they weren’t.

They felt confused, stuck and disempowered because they did everything they were told to do by their parents and society, and on the outside things looked great but inside they were miserable. They had not got the right t-shirt.  I could totally relate because up until I was 30 I had done the same thing.

Without knowing it, I had lived my life by somebody else’s expectations. I had followed someone else’s version of what success and happiness looked like and when I got there I didn’t want it.

The process is simple – one of stepping back and seeing yourself and what is important to you from a new perspective. Discovering very personal things about yourself like your values, what makes your heart sing and how to deal with that inner critic that we all have inside our head.

And I’ve made sure that it is easy to follow with simple exercises as well as examples. So that you begin to gain the clarity you need to set out on the next phase of your life with a much clearer and personal picture of what’s important in your life.

In this practical hands on book:
  • Discover how you can begin the process of changing your life for the better.
  • Define what you really want from life by looking at your passions and values and what has stopped you going for it in the past.
  • Deepen your understanding by doing the exercises - designed to help you gain the clarity you are searching for.
  • Understand that your ‘right t-shirt’ is different from other people’s and that’s ok, it’s your life.
  • Get inspired to make this moment the one where you say to yourself that now it the time to begin making the changes you want.
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    I was fortunate enough to be at the book launch for this -
    Daniel Priestly, Founder of Entrevo Global Ltd and author of Key Person of Influence

    I was fortunate enough to be at the book launch for this book and to meet the author. I really like the authenticity and humility that goes into this book. I think a lot of people can't connect with people like Tony Robbins (uses billionaire examples), instead they want to connect with a person who's more accessible. For that reason I really like this book.

    Highly recommend The Right T-Shirt! -
    Akasha Lonsdale, Founder of The Life Mastery Academy and author

    I have really enjoyed Jessica's book "The Right T-Shirt". I found it very easy to read, stimulating and thought provoking. I stopped a number of times to consider some of the questions that Jessica asks and liked the fact that clearly these are the questions she has asked, and answered, in her own life. It's obvious from how she weaves helpful examples of her life throughout that she has indeed been there, done that and had the wrong T-shirt. No doubting now though that she has the right one. Highly recommended!"

    Buy the Right T Shirt - NOW! -
    Lis Allen, Personal Development Coach and Mentor

    This is a fantastic resource for all women who want to make some changes in their lives. There are so many self-help books on the market and for me, this one stands out. It's easy to read, written in a very common-sense and down-to-earth manner. It's full of thought-provoking exercises, case studies and snippets of the author's own personal story which make it REAL! (so many books are full of theory - this is practical!) If you do indeed want to get the right life for yourself, this is a GEM!

    Get this T-shirt!! It will change your life! -
    Vicky Ross, Author of iUnderstandMe and Why Teams Are Unproductive

    Wow... this book is such a treat! It has been written from the heart... and you will know what I mean when you read it. Jessica's voice can be heard on the words you read. It shares Jessica's story as well as other people's story... but really what you will read is your story! It will guide you to see your life in a different light and question you rules ... your choices.... your lessons. It will ease you to a new way of thinking and thus a new way of living. I so enjoyed reading this, and I will be talking about this to my students as a book to 'must read'. Treat yourself on this wonderful indulgence of the mind and the heart!