Remembering Perfection

Reconnecting to the Perfection of Your Soul

Remembering Perfection originally started life as my journal that I wrote just after leaving the Ashram.  I was trying to figure out how to live what I had learnt and experienced out in the everyday world.  After writing 80 pages I realised I was writing a book.

I wrote this new revised version as I was having a lot of conversations with clients on the bigger questions of life.  “Who am I?”  “What is life about?”  “Is this all there is?”  “Where do I fit in this world?”  It is these questions that go beyond the everyday, that indicate that we are looking for the bigger picture answers in our lives.  That we want to reconnect with our Soul.

And it is my experience when we understand the bigger picture, that life begins to make more sense and we can live it more fully and with more joy.  The ‘Is This It?‘ retreat is based on this book.

In this inspiring book:

  • Discover what it means that we are all One and how that can inform life in a totally new way.
  • Learn how to look through the lens of Gratitude and transform your experience of life.
  • Explore unconditional love  and what that can mean in all areas of life.
  • Learn to trust your Intuition and live from the heart.
  • Find meaning in the everyday through living in the present moment

The Right T-Shirt

Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want

I wrote The Right T-Shirt because clients kept telling me that they had worked so hard to create the life they thought would make them happy but they weren’t.

They felt confused, stuck and disempowered because they did everything they were told to do by their parents and society, and on the outside things looked great but inside they were miserable. They had not got the right t-shirt.

But that can change and to start you need to step back and see yourself and what is important to you from a new perspective. Discover very personal things about yourself like your values, what makes your heart sing and how to deal with that inner critic that we all have inside our head.

And I’ve made sure that it is easy to follow with simple exercises as well as examples.

In this practical book you will:

  • Discover how you can begin the process of changing your life for the better.
  • Define what you really want from life.
  • Work through the book with the exercises to gain clarity.
  • Understand that your ‘right t-shirt’ is unique to you.
  • Get inspired to start to make changes now.