“Remembering Perfection” – download the first two chapters now!

In this practical hands on book you will:
  • Discover what it means that we are all One and how that can inform life in a totally new way.
  • Learn how to look through the lens of Gratitude and transform your experience of life.
  • Explore unconditional love and what can mean in all areas of life.
  • Learn to trust your Intuition and live from the heart
  • Find meaning in the everyday through living in the present moment.

Remembering Perfection originally started life as my journal that I wrote just after leaving the Ashram.  I was trying to figure out how to live what I had learnt and experienced in the everyday world.  After writing 80 pages I realised I was writing a book.

I wrote this new revised version as I was having a lot of conversations with clients on the bigger questions of life.  “Who am I?”  “What is life about?”  “Is this all there is?”  “Where do I fit in this world?”  It is these questions that go beyond the everyday, that indicate that we are looking for the bigger picture answers in our lives.

And it is my experience when we understand the bigger picture, that life begins to make more sense and we can live it more fully and with more joy.

There comes a time in life when we experience a Wake-up Call, something inside of us that wants to know more – yearns for connection even if we do not know what that means.  It is a feeling inside and we can no longer ignore – it in fact we don’t want to.

Remembering Perfection addresses these inner questions and helps reconnect to the perfection of our Soul and find these answers.

Join the first 6 months of my transformational personal development programme – It’s free!

Twice a month a lesson on how to live your life in the best way possible will drop into your inbox. In these lessons you will:
  • Discover the key to feeling happy.
  • See yourself and your life in a new light, understanding your values and why they are so important.
  • Discover how to deal with the stresses of everyday life and be more aware of the choices you are making.
  • Learn how to become more conscious in your daily experiences so you feel more present.
  • Feel supported by having this consistent flow of new ides that help you live well and deal with the challenges life throws at us.

Personal development is key to evolving and growing as a human and spiritual being and I know from my own personal experience that checking in on a daily basis with something that reminds me to be present in my everyday life has made a huge difference to how I live my life and deal with the challenges that arise.

I want to offer you the same kind of support that I have had. It is all too easy to get caught up in the everyday stuff of life and forget that there even is a bigger picture let alone handle life with it in mind. These twice-monthly lessons will drop into your inbox and guide you to an expanded view of yourself, how you operate in your world and a greater awareness around the questions of ‘who am I, why and I here, what is my purpose?’

We will cover a variety of topics. In the first six months we will be looking at getting a handle on everyday life, looking at stress, overwhelm and what makes us happy. Building on that we will look at how to create ease in our life, why our values are so important and how we can make empowered decisions.

The main focus is to understand how life works, how we can choose to be who we want to be and what we want in our lives. I invite you will join me on this great journey of discovery and look forward hearing from you along the way.

Here’s what one recipient had to say after subscribing to the Lessons:

“I am reaching out to you just to say thank you, the Life Lessons that I have received thus far have been very helpful, insightful and eye opening. Your words have motivated me to take a second look at me and question habits that were (and sometimes still are) causing negativity.

I look forward to the Life Lessons and I do read them, ponder on your words, step back, take a day and then read the words again. I have created a binder with all of the Life Lessons that I have received just so I can continue reading and learning.”

And another wrote:

“Thanks very much for your lessons which have helped me to determine what I want to do.  I recently turned 60 years old, still working, still with lots of personal energy and passion, but have been very unhappy for quite some time without being able to put my finger on it as there are many causes notwithstanding the death of my Father and the end of a rather abusive relationship.

I realised after taking some time reading through your lessons I needed to completely turn my life around and one of the things that needs to go is my current job as I’m half bored to death and don’t want to come to work any longer.  There is no passion at all and as you say, life has to have passion.  The problem for me is, I have a sole income and not a very big one.  I needed to work out where my passions were and how to achieve them but within my budget.  I looked at doing so many different things, including franchising which is out of my financial reach.  I eventually realised that the answer was something I had always loved doing, which is styling and fashion.  I realised I could start a new career as a personal stylist and that there were clients on my doorstep, as I live in an area where there are many pockets of very wealthy people who would love this kind of help.

I realised I could train and gain diplomas whilst working, start up my business around my current job, whilst using my evenings and weekends to work with clients.  This was a light bulb moment for me, and I instantly enrolled on a training course mid-April and can’t wait for it to begin!  After that, who knows what I can achieve.

I hope this will give you great encouragement as we all need some straightforward advice and help which you have done for me.  We all know inside ourselves that the real answer to changing things for ourselves comes from within and you gave me the food for my brain to help me to get out of my rut. “

Download my meditation audios

Many people tell me that meditation is hard or that they can’t meditate – I always reply anyone can meditate, even you. With these Mp3”s you will be able to:
  • Learn a very simple process of meditation and realise that it is not something you have to do – rather just make time for. Anyone can meditate.
  • Have a process to help you feel more centered that you can use at anytime when you feel stressed or challenged.
  • Learn both a sitting and a walking meditation so you can adapt it to your day.
  • Gain the benefits of learning to watch your mind and seeing what it is up to through out your day.

Meditation has been one of my practises for the past 25 years of my life and I have seen just how it percolates throughout my day, making me more aware of what my mind is up to and helping step into being present in the moment.

Many of my clients have said to me that they have tried meditation but can’t. There is no such thing as can’t when it comes to meditation. There is however a lot of misunderstanding where meditation is concerned. Meditation is not about stopping thinking – you can’t do that because even that is a thought. Meditation is about becoming aware of what your mind is up to – and choosing a different focus.

To help you start your meditation practise I have recorded two MP3s that you can download now. One is for a sitting meditation and the other is for a walking meditation. Both are equally useful so please do download them both. And, if you have any questions just drop me a line.

Health warning: please do not use these meditations when driving or using any kind of machinery. You want to be able to totally focus on the meditation without distractions.

“The Right T-Shirt” – Download the first 2 chapters of the self help book

In this practical hands on book you will:
  • Discover how you can begin the process of changing your life for the better.
  • Define what you really want from life by looking at your passions and values and what has stopped you in the past to go for it.
  • Deepen your understanding by doing the exercises – designed to help you gain the clarity you are searching for.
  • Understand that your ‘right t-shirt’ is different from other people’s and that’s ok, it’s your life.
  • Get inspired to make this moment the one where you say to yourself that now is the time to begin making the changes you want.

I wrote The Right T-Shirt because clients kept telling me that they had worked so hard to create the life they thought would make them happy but they weren’t.  They felt confused, stuck and disempowered.  They had done everything they were told to do by their parents and society, ticked all the boxes, and on the outside things looked great but inside they were miserable.

I could totally relate because up until I was 31 I had done the same thing.  Without knowing it, I had lived my life by somebody else’s expectations. I had followed someone else’s version of what success and happiness looked like and when I got there I didn’t want it.   At that point I was actually quite angry.  However I knew that it was time to figure out what boxes would make me happy and so I set out on the journey of discovering that for myself.

It took me a while and quite a few wrong t-shirts to find what truly makes me happy and so I wrote this book to help you on journey so it doesn’t have to take years like it did for me. Sometimes it is really nice to have someone who has walked the road before you and knows the map.

The process is simple – it is like stepping back and seeing yourself and what is important to you from a new perspective.  It is rare that we actually stop and look at our lives with this kind of detail and yet so wonderful to do it, like a breath of fresh air.  The exercises in the book will help you discover the very personal things about yourself, like your values and passions, the key to feeling inspired again.  You will also pinpoint what makes your heart sing as well as how to deal with that inner critic nagging voice in your head that stops you going for what you truly want.   From what I have heard from those who have read it you will finish this book feeling inspired and be raring to go out and create a life that you have chosen for yourself, feeling ready and excited about the future.

Here is a selection of some of the interviews and webinars I have given over the years, sometimes it is just nice to get inspired by sitting back and listening -  so get a cuppa and enjoy.

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