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The world is changing and with it your life - even if you did not want it to. And it has probably made you question things about your life too - what do you want for the future?

I'm more than a coach, I'm a wise voice who helps you see the wood for the trees and gain some clarity in this crazy world. I offer both coaching and bespoke individual retreats.

Thinking about a Retreat? They've gone virtual so you can still do one to use this time to assess life fully and plan for the future.

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Right now Life is challenging us to deal with new situations, new ways of being and new ways of thinking.  And for many there is a big question mark as to what comes next.

Many people are having to deal with the challenge of working from home when home is not the ideal situation to work in – kids under your feet, partners vying for space and a general feeling of there not being enough room both physically but also mentally and emotionally and spiritually.

Or maybe you are furloughed and having to work out how to handle the situation whilst being worried about the future.

Or your work has taken a new turn by being remote and keeping everyone together and working harmoniously whilst being in different places and countries is adding an extra toll.

And as we begin to consider the future for many it has created a great big question mark.

Recently and ex-client of mine wrote to me and said “I recognise that a lot of the skills you taught me on retreat are getting me through this whole madness but in balance, harmony and hope.”

Getting through this with balance, harmony and hope will help you solve your problems along with a big dose of practical ideas and concrete help and I’ve created a short quick-fire problem solving programme here for just that.

And, if you are actually feeling you are not sure how you want life to look and feel like as you come out of this then maybe now is a great opportunity to use this time for more long-term plans for the future.

As always I am offering  the perfect Life Coaching programmes to help you get unstuck and get clear. Take a look at the Get Unstuck Now! Virtual Retreat in the Comfort of Your Own Home – designed to start this exploration now rather than wait.  Or if you are thinking more for later on when travel opens up again my  Get Unstuck in Two Days Retreat in Spain will be perfect.  And of course my Transformational Life Guidance and Coaching programme,  will also give you your answers.

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