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The world has changed and with it your life - even if you did not want it to. Has it made you question things about your life too? - What you want for the future?

I'm more than a coach, I'm a wise voice who helps you see the wood for the trees and gain some clarity in this crazy world. I offer both coaching and bespoke individual retreats.

Thinking about a Retreat? They've available both virtually and in person and now is the perfect time to assess life fully, connect with yourself and plan for the future.

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"Two Days To Get Unstuck Individual Retreat" 2 days to reset the course of your life, virtually or in person Read more
"Is this it? Bespoke Retreat" Beginning to answer the "Is this it?" question. In person or virtually. Read more
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Right now Life is challenging us to deal with new situations, new ways of being and new ways of thinking.  And for many there is a big question mark as to what comes nexthat they want.  They are feeling stuck.

The challenges that we have dealt with over the last 18 months have brought up many questions about our lives.  Most of the people I speak with are not wanting to go back to the old way of working and living.

But what does that mean?  How does that translate into your life now?

And as we begin to consider the future, for many it has created a great big question mark.  Feel familiar?

Recently an ex-client of mine wrote to me and said “I recognise that a lot of the skills you taught me on retreat are getting me through this whole madness but in balance, harmony and hope.”

And we do need new skills and clarity to navigate this uncertain time.

And, if you are actually feeling you are not sure how you want life to look and feel like as you come out of this then maybe now is a great opportunity to use this time for more long-term plans for the future.

As always I am offering the perfect programmes to help you get unstuck and get clear. Take a look at the my  Get Unstuck in Two Days Retreat in Spain or you can also do this virtually.  This will really help you get unstuck, reset and plan for your future.  I also have a more ‘bigger picture’ retreat called Is This It?  Based on my book Remembering Perfeciton it explores the “Is this all there is?” question when looking at what this life is all about.  We often ask the “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” questions.  This retreat starts to explore the spiritual side of life.  And of course my Transformational Life Guidance and Coaching programme,  will also give you your answers.

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