Jessica is a wonderfully grounded guide on the path to integrating spirituality into the everyday. She is totally rooted in the real world, yet introduces the spiritual component in every thought and interaction effortlessly.

On the Remembering Perfection retreat we naturally covered the origins of certain beliefs or fears in my life, but this wasn’t talking therapy as I’ve known it – it was proactive coaching, on an energetic level, less unearthing past experience and more unfolding and liberating the energy tied up in redundant beliefs and attitudes in the present. Soulful strategy, you may say, that returns you again and again to the place where you find clarity – your own body. How things ‘feel’ is the most reliable indication of their congruence with your own nature and your own wishes. Returning to the breath, feeling anchored in the present, will always take you back there.

At the end of the retreat, I felt calm and energised in the knowledge that if I apply these tools to return to myself in the present, I will have all I need to make good decisions, to connect with the people around me and to trust life as it is. Truly Enlightening.

Extracted from Queen of Retreats reviewer Zoe Ross of her Remembering Perfection retreat- to read the full review click here.

From Queen of Retreats reviewer Zoe Ross