Handling the energetic soup…

I was talking with a client today and we were saying that at the moment it felt like we were wading through a thick energetic soup – that nothing was flowing. Good focus for a thought provoker video I thought – so here it is, just click on the photo below. A couple of ideas to help you navigate it better. And as always, if I can help at all let me know.

Didn’t think a picture of soup would be helpful so thanks to Andrey Zaychuk on Unsplash for the main photo!

What is your life showing you right now? Maybe this has resonated with you, or maybe you are wondering about things that are happening right now in your life.  If you feel you’d like some help deciphering your life’s journey then let’s have a chat.  You can email me or give me a call on +44 (0)751 891 4604