Why being present in your challenges can change the outcome
20th July 2021

Are you facing more challenges recently and finding them a bit overwhelming? I was reminded recently when I was stuck in a situation that these challenges are presenting us with the opportunity to learn to be really present. Because when we are present it is far easier to deal with whatever is coming towards us … Continued

June – the month of Flow
11th June 2021

I was listening to Lee Harris who takes the pulse of the planet energetically and he talks about June being the month where we begin to feel the flow again. I was recording some video and looked outside my window and there was a river in full flow so thought I’d record this Thought Provoker … Continued

Are you feeling pulled left, right and centre?
14th April 2021

Do you start a task only to get distracted and then have to get your mind back into it – losing valuable time? Are you feeling terrorised by your To Do lists? Is overwhelm a constant companion? Then take 5 minutes out of your busy day and learn of a simple way to get back … Continued

ASAP – and the two missing words
25th March 2021

Another short thought provoker video this time exploring asap and how we can respond to this in a different way – particularly if you are a people pleaser. Do you jump up and react when you read asap? What are you making asap mean? How can you respond differently and still everyone is happy? Watch … Continued

What story are you telling?
17th March 2021

A little thought provoker for you – what story are you telling? Is it a helpful story that makes you feel good or one focusing on things from the past that keeps you stuck? Our stories that we tell each other and ourselves have a direct effect on what we can create in our life … Continued

Are you being heard properly?
2nd November 2020

In many of the conversations I have been having recently supporting people to manage their work and personal life in these challenging times, one thing I have heard a lot is that more and more and more misunderstandings and misinterpretations are happening in our communications. Do you find that simple things are getting blown up … Continued

Why continue to make plans?
31st August 2020

I did a short video last week about making plans and why in this time of craziness it is so important. I just wanted to add to my thoughts as not only is important to make plans so we feel in control but it also has a hugely positive effect on our everyday life as … Continued

Keep on making plans
24th August 2020

I was speaking with a friend recently and she despondently told me of how she couldn’t make plans now as everything was so uncertain. I responded that in fact she had to make plans now and how important it was to do so. So today I thought I’d do a quick thought provoker in case … Continued