Reaction or Response? Your choice.
21st May 2019

Welcome to this month’s thought provoker video blog.  It was prompted by me forgetting what I wanted to speak about this month! And as you will see sometimes it is good to have a pause before we engage mouth:-) Just click the pic below to play the video. This topic is something I often speak about … Continued

11th November 2018

How often have you got clear on what you want, done everything you can think of to make it happen and then nothing?  And how often at that point have you thought it wouldn’t happen and so gone onto something else?  Sound familiar?  This month’s thought provoker video is all about that and how I … Continued

Loving Uncertainty
29th August 2018

I was talking with a friend recently about the uncertainty in life and how it I always wished for it to pass so I could relax and he said “how about simply knowing that the uncertainty was exactly as it should be – how about loving it?”   Interesting thought and I have been contemplating that … Continued

I don’t care! versus I don’t care:-)
19th July 2018

Welcome to today’s thought provoker video.  I’ve been having some interesting conversations around non-attachment and one area in particular – the idea of not caring, in a loving easeful way.  Often we say I don’t care! in that stubborn way, when in fact we really do and that can be detrimental to our lives and … Continued

Stop shouting at things outside of you
14th June 2018

This past month I have been speaking about how when we feel unable to make a difference to things that are outside of our circles of influence it can feel awful –  and what to do about it.   This subject has come up with virtually everyone I have been working with – whether it … Continued

Opting in to life
5th May 2018

I’ve had a lot of emails recently asking me if I want to opt in or opt out (of mailing lists:-) and it made me think about how we can opt in to life too.  Here’s a little thought provoker video – how much have you opted in (or out ) of life? Have a … Continued

The Right Decision
14th March 2018

Over the last few months I’ve been speaking to people about making the RIGHT decision – and I tell everyone, there is no such thing as a RIGHT decision.  Trying to make a right decision makes everything so difficult and much harder to make that jump  – have a watch of the video below and … Continued

Happy Christmas!
20th December 2017

I wanted to say Happy Christmas and to wish you a really joyful New Year. 2017 has been a year of ups and downs for many people, a year where some have been asked to learn to dance on a shifting carpet.  Whatever the year has been for you I encourage you to take the … Continued

Where did the year go?
10th November 2017

So many people I have spoken to recently have where did the year go – then followed it by the statement “I was going to get so much done this year but it’s nearly over already!” I know how they feel, and maybe you do too. I had lots of plans to do some SEO … Continued