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I was recently invited by Traci Cornelius to join her on her podcast Women Rockin Business. We had a great chat about how to get unstuck in life and Traci pulled out the best moments for her in our chat.

They were:

‘I don’t think we ever stop learning in life’ 
‘There are moments in life when things clunk deep inside of you’ 
‘It was a jump off the cliff, but boy have we landed’ 
‘Your mental state is the key to everything that goes on in your life’ 
‘Let go of the cursed “hows”’ 
‘For me life is a journey of discovery’ 
‘We have inside of us a wisdom that supports us’ 
‘Just that huge change of outer perspective will change that inner perspective as well’

She then went on to identify the key takeaways for her:
–  After ticking all the boxes in her life that she was told would bring her happiness, Jessica realised that none of it had. At the age of 28, she decided to leave her life behind and go looking for a new one, embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

–  We are so often presented with exhilarating opportunities in life that can be scary and which run against the given wisdom. But these moments can be transformational and can take us down completely new and unexpected paths in life.

–  Managing your state of mind when it comes to life is the most important lesson you can learn. If you can create a mindset that thrives on positivity, and that always embraces the opportunity, you will see those things reflected in your life.

–  Sometimes we can over-strategise our lives and ambitions. When reaching for our ideal lives, it’s good to focus on where we want to end up, but try not spend too much time working out how to get there. As Traci points out, plotting each step along the way ahead of time doesn’t leave much room to grab the other opportunities you didn’t even know were there.

–  Too many people today assume that if they’re patient enough, then their dreams will land in front of them, all packed up and ready to go. But Jessica’s story proves that if you want something enough, or if you feel like something’s missing, you have to go out and find it for yourself. We only learn through challenges.

–  People sometimes misunderstand that when big change comes in life, it’s rarely an external experience. It is so often an internal shift, the result of self-reflection or development that effects an external consequence.

–  Society these days seems to think it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to be perpetually connected and available. Jessica’s retreat insists that disconnection is not only required but necessary. A break should mean a break. Time to ourselves, with no distractions or expectations, is an essential component in self-growth and well being.   

–  Radical trust has been the most important factor in Jessica’s self-development. Everything in life happens for a reason, even the negatives. Sometimes we may never learn the lessons from these moments, but we need to have complete trust in the fact that it’s a part of your life for a reason, and a necessary part of your journey and your evolution.

If this peaks your interest then grab a cup or glass of something and settle down to an inspirational 40 mins. Just click here to access the podcast. And do let me know what you think and if you like it do subscribe to the channel, she has some great podcasts.


Photo by Águeda Belldo on Unsplash

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