Where did the year go?

So many people I have spoken to recently have where did the year go – then followed it by the statement “I was going to get so much done this year but it’s nearly over already!”

I know how they feel, and maybe you do too. I had lots of plans to do some SEO upgrades on my website and get my video channel populated – so far this year I’ve managed two!

What did you say you wanted 2017 to be for you?

What did you want to achieve or create or change? Have you done it – how close are you? If you’ve ticked off the boxes great – well done! If not – never fear it is never too late.

Time literally does fly and even if you been having fun, it is all too easy to get to the end of the year and wonder where it went.

At this time of year I like to do a review, check in to see what I have achieved and what is still to address. Because we are so negatively focused (it’s hardwired into our survival brain) we often forget all the good things that we have done so seeing all those is a great place to start. Then identifying what we’d like to do, create or change in the future is good. Only then can you look at why you haven’t done it or what’s stopped you so the self sabotage doesn’t play out again in 2018.

This is not a moment to give yourself a hard time for not completing everything but to acknowledge all that has happened during the year – and set an intention for what you wish to create in 2018.

I know from experience that when we do this with someone to help focus the process it is that much more powerful. The insights are deeper and the clarity of the intentions we set are clearer and more powerful.

With this in mind I have three options to help you make 2018 exactly as you’d like it:

Get Ready for 2018 three session package – a special price for a three session “Get Ready for 2018” package. You’ll pay for only two sessions – €565 – and get three over a three week period saving €282. In these sessions we will look at 2017, what you did and didn’t manage to tick off that list, what got lost along the way and see what is relevant to carry over to 2018. You’ll learn some tools to ensure that you’ll stay on track and learn how to manage your thoughts that have sabotaged you in the past. These sessions will set you up for 2018 and help you get to the end of next year without wondering where it went.

End of year special on my Get Unstuck in Two Days retreat  – a €300 discount on my bepoke retreat bringing the price down to €2960 excluding flights. I have two spaces in December and two in January for the Get Unstuck Individual Two Day retreat here in Spain. On this retreat we can review your year and work out what you truly want to create in 2018. You set the intention for what you want to focus on and you get my undivided attention on your life and go home with a plan.

This offer is soley for these four retreats available in December or January so if you’ve been thinking about coming on retreat now’s the time!

End of year offer for my six month transformational coaching programme  – a €300 discount off my six month transformational phone coaching programme starting in December bringing the price down to €505 per month. Over the six months not only will we review 2017 and see what was missing but we will get very clear on what you want to create in 2018 and you’ll have the support to roll out the plan and ensure that this time you get past the blocks that have stopped you before.

So if you are asking where did the year go and want to make sure you are not still asking it in November next year let’s do some work together.  Whichever offer appeals just drop me a line or give me a call on 0044 (0)203 239 6155 and we can arrange a time to chat and make sure that 2018 doesn’t fly by so fast – or if it does it’s because time flies because you are having such fun!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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